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rolling rock
The Pinball
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PostPosted: 09/03/03 - 12:31    Post subject: Flight 93 Memorial Run
I got info on this run today from the organizer. it is the 3rd year they're having this "event" to raise money for the Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department.

it is a 9.3 mile course that loops the crash site -- from a distance. This is not a race -- he will have a clock there to check your time. No prizes, no age groups, just a run or walk to raise money. He did have a T-Shirt made up for early registrants.

The crash site is about 45 minutes from here so i am definitely planning on doing this.

Sunday, November 9th
1:00 PM

i've got lots of entry forms if anyone is interested.
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PostPosted: 09/04/03 - 11:49    Post subject:
That is a nice way to run a race like that. Just run for the cause awesome. Wish it was closer
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