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Joined: 18 May 2002
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PostPosted: 09/09/03 - 21:15    Post subject: Software Help
I am using Microsoft Picture It 7.0 and when I try and print a picture in a 5*7 size for a frame it keeps on coming out as about 8 * 10 on the paper. I have checked the paper setting and it says custom Photo 5*7 but it still isn't printing it right.

Any ideas on what I am missing?
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Joined: 21 Nov 2002
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PostPosted: 09/10/03 - 08:14    Post subject:
Sorry, can't help here. I use paint shop pro.
brie k
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PostPosted: 09/10/03 - 09:58    Post subject:
I think you may just want to resize your image. I use another program (it's not on my laptop, cannot remember the name) and I know that if I just print from an original unsized photo, it's 8x10. So try that. Mine measures in pixels so I'm not sure how many pixels equal an inch, but you can play around with it and see what it looks like. Also, make sure you are viewing the "actual" view. Mine defaults to just fit the window, and it's way smaller than the actual image.

Before you do the printing, check your "print preview" if you have that too, that way you aren't wasting ink & paper.

HTH, and let us know if you get it figured out.
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