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Aug 04, 2007

Self Myo-facial Release for Runners

by elgerdh
Anybody training for a marathon would benefit from a technique called self-myofacial release.  The tissue called ffascia that surrounds and connects to muscle is  traumatized by running, particularly after long runs, leading to inflammation and painful trigger points.  If ignored, trigger points could eventually result in impaired muscle function, tightness, decreased circulation, weakness, and delayed muscle recovery.&nb ...
Aug 04, 2007

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon

by elgerdh
Who was Bill Bowerman?  Read the account of this amazing man in Kenny Moore's book entitled BOWERMAN and the Men of Oregon.  Unless you are a fan of running, you probably never even heard of Bill Bowerman or realize the impact he’s had on American society.  As I read through it, for all he accomplished in life, I couldn’t help but compare Bill Bowerman to Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, a guy who experie ...
Aug 04, 2007

Proper Breathing for Runners

by elgerdh
According to the text Physiology of Sport and Exercise by Wilmore and Costill the need to breathe increases in direct proportion to the intensity of work. A mild workload such as brisk walking prompts expansion of the lungs and deeper breathing. As the work becomes more difficult, the rate of breathing also increases.  Like when you start running.  With the exception of conditions such as asthma, breathing should not limit your ability ...
Aug 03, 2007

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

by elgerdh
The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is .8 grams per kilogram of body weight., or .36 grams per pound.   In order to meet that guideline, a female weighing in at 130 pounds needs about 47 grams, while a 200 pound male requires 72 grams. Up until recently, many so called experts have failed to take into account the fact that physical activity increases your need for protein.  Research by P.W. Lemon suggests that wei ...
Jul 27, 2007

Tips for Starting an Interval Program

by elgerdh
If you are a runner and not doing interval training at least part of your racing season, you are probably not performing to your potential. Interval training is a great way to boost your race performances, primarily because it's the best way to actually simulate the demands of racing.  Research by Peter Snell has demonstrated significant faster 10K times following a period of interval trainin ...


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