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PostPosted: 08/12/03 - 12:54    Post subject: "we're ready to be picked up now"
I have two trainees coming in from Virginia for a 3-day class starting tomorrow. Their company was too cheap to rent them a car for the trip, so they took Amtrak up here to 30th Street Station in center city Philly, about 20M from my training facility. I gave their admin assistant EXTREMELY DETAILED information on how they needed to get a connecting train from Amtrak through the regional rails, and then gave her the numbers of two cab companies to get them from the local train station to their hotel. (Yes, it would've been cheaper to rent the car, but they wouldn't listen to me.)

So I just got a call from one of the trainees. "Our train just got in. We're ready to be picked up now. When are you coming to get us?" She was a little upset when I was like, um, never. More than a little upset that she'd only been given half the confirmation packet that detailed all the other travel stuff I said they'd have to do. Guess that was too hard to do, huh? Evil or Very Mad Should be interesting to see if they follow my directions I gave over the phone and get here for tomorrow.
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