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Nov 17, 2008

How Is Your Pre-Race Preparation?

by windshell
If you have a race on Saturday, your pre-race preparation starts on Friday as well the week before.Using a check list lay out your equipment (clothing that you will use before your race, race clothing, after race clothing, goggles, shoes, hat, gloves, pump, glasses, bike,……….) Have a written checklist will help to not leave something at home, which could be disastrous. Also prepare any fluid or energy sources that you will ne ...
Mar 20, 2008

Are Athletes Drinking Too Much Between Workouts?

by elgerdh
Could it be that nearly everybody dispensing advice on how much to drink is totally wrong? Apparently a new theory is being proposed that could change the drinking habits of endurance athletes.During exercise, nobody disputes the fact that significant dehydration impairs performance and can lead to life threatening heat stroke. Knowing this, it is common practice among endurance athletes to keep their tanks full by drinking plenty of water, espec ...
Aug 13, 2007

The 10 Minute Run

by elgerdh
Are you interested in staying fit just for the health of it? Maybe you do not really have a weight problem or care to be competitive. Perhaps walking takes too long or there is just no spare time to squeeze in regular trips to the gym. Consider trying the 10 minute run.Before you jump to the conclusion that 10 minutes cannot possibly make any difference, take a look at the joint American College of Sports Medicine-American Heart Association recom ...
Aug 11, 2007

Protect Your Hearing!

by elgerdh
The last thing I need while running or cycling is music. For me, part of the enjoyment of physical activity is the opportunity it provides to daydream. For me, running has always been that time to generate new ideas or solve old problems.     Plus I think I like using all of my senses, especially when I am out on the roads and trails.   Unfortunately, I may be in the minority. It seems like I see increasing ...
Aug 10, 2007

10 Tips to Improve Your Run Time Without Extra Miles!

by elgerdh
  Want to improve your running without having to run more miles? Here’s how!    Improve your running efficiency: If you are like most runners, you probably overstride and land hard on your heels. Try shortening your stride so your foot strikes more of a glancing blow beneath your hips. Decreasing foot contact time with the ground makes you feel lighter on your feet and a smoother runner.   ...


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