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great weekend (with a dose of humility) Forum Index -> Riff-Raff Hang Out

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PostPosted: 04/14/03 - 12:32    Post subject: great weekend (with a dose of humility)
Hubby worked Sat, so I had the whole day to myself. Mostly shopped for the critters (how pathetic am I? Embarassed )

Sunday, we're on the road for our long run at 8:00 AM. Feeling really good, going to do 9k with 1.5k warmup. There are two ladies ahead of us that are trucking right along and they steadily get smaller in the distance until I think they've turned off and headed back into town. We do our loop in great time, finish strong, and as we're walking back from finish point to our house we meet aforementioned ladies coming from a completely DIFFERENT part of town, still running. Clearly they ran several km more than we did in the same time.

Hubby and I concluded that they hitchhiked when no one was looking. Mr. Green
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PostPosted: 04/14/03 - 12:40    Post subject:
you run with runaroundsue, she is like lightning
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