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PostPosted: 09/26/03 - 16:13    Post subject: Strange News
Sex with Strangers Dogging English Parks
LONDON (Reuters) - Voyeurs and exhibitionists drawn to outdoor fun have discovered erotic pleasures in normally placid English parks that have nothing to do with walking the dog. "Dogging," a term that loosely describes a variety of sex acts performed outdoors or in parked cars in front of strangers (and sometimes with them), has become such a craze that health authorities have warned against its dangers. The term "dogging" apparently comes from those who claim only to be "taking the dog for a walk" -- but are actually on the prowl for something more.

Web sites have sprung up across Britain extolling the pleasures of sex under the stars and online message boards list the best parks and carparks to watch people express themselves. An academic who set out to study anti-social behavior in parks and stumbled on a thriving dogging underworld said dangers were also lurking in the bushes.

"The problem is people are leaving behind condoms, lubricants and sometimes clothing at family sites and causing cleaning headaches for groundspeople," Richard Byrne, a countryside management lecturer at Harper Adams College, told Reuters on Friday. "Prostitutes have been moving into some of these areas and I know of cases where some people have been attacked while dogging," he said.

Byrne said he surveyed park managers, rangers and wardens across England and found dogging sites existed in every English county -- hundreds are dotted across the country -- from the south coast to the Scottish border. "I soon realized that dogging was being driven by the Internet and was very widespread and that some doggers take it quite seriously, wearing camouflage and even keeping diaries of their experiences," he said.

Among the dozens of dogging Web sites, several offer tips on finding the best locations, how to meet people "to dog" with and how to signal you want to watch -- or be watched. "There's loads of signals that doggers use, the most common are flashing lights. Leaving the inside car light on means they want to be watched. If they wind down the window, this means they want to be fondled," one site advises.

Health authorities in southeast England posted warnings on dogging web sites after discovering several cases of sexually transmitted diseases linked to the outdoor pursuit. "We noticed a more than usual number of notifications of Hepatitis B and when we were investigating we found that some of them were involved in the practice of having sex with strangers in open places," said Dr. Mathi Chandrakumar, head of the Kent Health Protection Unit. "We are not passing moral judgment, we are only giving advice about the dangers," he said.

While acknowledging doggers are a determined breed, Byrne said he had proposed several ways to prevent the behavior -- including more police patrols -- but he has already ruled out one remedy. "We thought better lighting in parks might prevent it but it actually allows to see what they're doing better," he said.

First World Championships Challenge Yoga Karma
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Muscles rippled, heads appeared in impossible places and the sweet smell of incense wafted in the air as the first World Yoga Championship ever staged in the United States got off to a mind-boggling start on Thursday. Some 70 contestants limbered up for a four-day pose off in a contest aimed both at challenging the concept that competition is anathema to the ancient spiritual practice of yoga, and laying the groundwork for yoga to become an Olympic event.

"Yoga doesn't mean just sitting and meditating and eating health foods," said championship organizer and "hot yoga" guru Bikram Choudhury at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the event is taking place. "There have been yoga championships in India for hundreds of years. Competitions have also been held in Japan, Uruguay, Brazil. Argentina and Italy," Choudhury told Reuters. "It is a combination of body-building, Miss World, Mr. Universe and gymnastics," he added.

The very notion of a yoga competition has disturbed the karma of some U.S. yoga enthusiasts, who bristle at the concept of selling what they consider an essentially mind-healing way of life. But Choudhury, a former multiple Indian Yoga Champion who is as short on humility as he is long on ambition, shrugs off the critics. Competition, he says "serves the higher purpose of inspiring people to take up the health-promoting practice of yoga ... The time is right for a show that puts yoga in the spotlight."

The four-day championship and Yoga Expo is the culmination of a dream for Choudhury, who has exported his Beverly Hills-based Bikram Yoga method worldwide in the past two decades. His copyrighted 26 pose sequence, carried out in a room heated to 105 degrees, have brought him gold watches and Rolls-Royces as well as a string of celebrity clients including John McEnroe, Madonna (news - web sites) and former NBA star Kareem Abdul Jabbar who value its therapeutic properties. "It saves people's lives. It is a creation better than the Taj Mahal, antibiotics, Apollo 11 and computers together," Choudhury said.

Practitioners of all forms of yoga are taking part in the championships. They will be judged (by experts flown in from India) on grace, proportion, flexibility, endurance and balance for five compulsory poses and two optionals carried out in three minutes. The winner will receive a two-week trip to the country of their choice and $3,000 in cash. "Competition is a medium in which you can explore your dynamic skill. The sport and the mind is not in competition. The competition is about the body only," said Professor P.S. Das, a Calcutta-based yoga and physical therapy consultant who is one of the judges.

The next stop for Choudhury is the Olympics. "Why not yoga at the Olympics?. I'm told you need to have at least 8 countries competing for an event to be admitted. Now we have 20 countries," he said.
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PostPosted: 09/26/03 - 16:15    Post subject:
In these Yoga competitions...are you allowed to talk smack to your competitors about their mommas?
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PostPosted: 09/26/03 - 16:19    Post subject:
when there is a fantasy yoga league sign me up...until then....nah
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Joined: 10 Jun 2002
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PostPosted: 09/26/03 - 16:24    Post subject:
rtpd113 wrote:
when there is a fantasy yoga league sign me up...until then....nah

Mr. Green

(should I invite my brother?)
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