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Since I'm in a "picks" mood... Forum Index -> Riff-Raff Hang Out

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my boys could swim
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PostPosted: 09/08/03 - 12:14    Post subject: Since I'm in a "picks" mood...
World Series Picks...

I know, there's a lot of season left, but lets put on our prediction caps and give it a shot...

My pick is: The White Sox and The Cubs

a city rivalry like the NY series a few years ago.

Both teams are tied for first in the Central. Both teams have had to come from behind. (Momentum)

Cubs have the best pitching rotation in the NL, White Sox have been hitting the crap out of the ball...

What's your guess?
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PostPosted: 09/08/03 - 12:16    Post subject:
Gotta agree with you coach, wil be another subway/EL series
The Movie Geek
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PostPosted: 09/08/03 - 12:21    Post subject:
Yankees VS Phillies.

You heard it here first. I consistently have a hard time believing that the Yanks will not find a way to win, so i expect my #2 team to be in the WS. Since i'm pretty sure the Mets are mathematically eliminated, i think the Phillies will make it.

My dream matchup:
Red Sox VS Cubs
This way one of the two teams HAS to win. It's the two teams with the longest WS drought. I fear that if such a thing would ever happen that
a) Jesus will return and it'll be the End Times
b) World War III
c) some sort of nuclear/chemical attack preventing a winner from being decided
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